Meet the Executive Team

The day to day running of Hackney Homes Ltd. is through the Hackney Homes Executive Management Team.
This comprises of:
Charlotte Graves
Chief Executive
Charlotte has worked in Hackney Homes since 2008. She is responsible for the overall management of approximately 32,000 homes and 1000 staff. In November 2008 she led Hackney Homes to achieve 2 star success in their Audit Commission inspection. She is also the Corporate Director of Housing, Hackney Council.

Charlotte combines ALMO, Local Authority and RSL housing experience and has a wealth of knowledge in housing management and leasehold management.

She is on the National Council of the Chartered Institute of Housing and she represents the CIH London branch at the London Mayor's Housing Forum.

Neil Isaac
Director of Finance and Resources

Neil joined Hackney Homes in 2006 as Director of Finance and Resources from Hounslow Homes. No stranger to Hackney, Neil worked in housing here over ten years ago and has seen huge improvements delivered since that time.

He is responsible for managing finance and procurement within the organisation.

Neehara Wijeyesekera
Divisional Head of Tenancy and Leasehold Services



Neehara has over seven years experience working in Hackney. He is responsible for managing rents, re-letting, tenancy management, neighbourhood contracts and resident involvement.

"The different teams in resident services are building relationships with residents and partners so that we are listening and also importantly, acting on what you are telling us is important to you. This genuine team approach will help to facilitate outcomes and benefits for residents of Hackney."

Judith Morrison
Head of Leasehold and Right to Buy Services
Judith Morrison

Judith has worked for Hackney Homes for over three years. With over ten years leasehold management experience,

Judith has worked for Hackney Homes for over three years. With over ten years leasehold management experience, Judith has worked for neighbouring boroughs including Islington and Camden.

As part of her work for Hackney Homes Judith oversees services to more than 8000 leaseholders and freeholders in the borough. As part of this role, Judith is keen to raise standards and provide a good service at all times.

Jim Paterson
Head of Building Maintenance
Jim Patterson

Jim has worked in Hackney for over seven years with responsibility for a number of areas including waste management, street cleansing, recycling, environmental health and enforcement.

His background is firmly in local government where he has over 25 years experience in a number of boroughs including Glasgow City Council, Thurrock BC, Dartford Borough Council, Havering and Hackney.

"I look forward to working with residents and staff to provide quality services at the same time as providing value for money".

Jonathan Oxlade
Head of Asset Management

Jonathan has worked for Hackney Homes since the start of the ALMO in April 2006.

He has held various roles within the Asset Management department of Property Services including managing the Decent Homes programme for the whole borough.

He has worked in many London boroughs including, Hammersmith and Camden as well as experience working with the Association of London Government.