The Repairs Service

Hackney Homes Repairs Service is committed to delivering quality, responsive repairs to our residents taking into account the diverse needs of the community.

We are responsible for maintaining the internal and external repairs.  You are responsible for taking care of the inside of your property and for certain repairs.  It is also your responsibility to report a repair to maintain your home, particularly if you know it is affecting another property. 

Each repair that you report you will be issued with a unique reference number.  Each repair also has a warranty period so it is important that you let us know if the problem re-occurs.

The repair will be categorised into four priorities:

  • Immediate (2 hours)
  • Emergency (24 hours)
  • Urgent (5 days)
  • Normal (20 days)

The immediate and emergency priority is the response time.  If the repair falls into these categories our priority is to 'make safe' the area.  Depending on the nature of the repair the second visit may fall under the urgent or normal category.

You must allow our staff, agents or contractors to get into your home to carry out repairs, inspections or improvement work. In particular, we must carry out an annual gas safety check in every property with a gas supply. If you do not let us in, we can take action to force entry.  If you report the repair you will always be given an appointment.  However, if improvements are being made to your property you may receive a letter to inform you. 

If you live in a Tenant Management Organisation area, repairs to your home will be handled by the TMO Officer, but larger communal repairs will usually be referred to the Repairs Contact Centre.

You can report your repair over the phone by calling the Repairs Contact Centre on 020 8356 3691. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am-7pm and Saturdays 9am-1pm. However, you can also report emergency repairs using this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Repairs can also be reported online. Please note that you should only report non-urgent repairs online.

Quality of repairs

  • We will inspect 10% of completed repairs for quality, cost and customer satisfaction
  • Our Technical Audit team will carry out inspections of completed reactive repairs that the resident is dissatisfied with